The news regarding the DePuy hip recall stirred up the interest and concern of the public. This issue started when DePuy Orthopaedics, the prime manufacturer of the ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System, recalled their products from the market after the Food and Drug Administration took control. These are both metal-on-metal hip implants with a 12-13% failure rate. Anyone unfortunate enough to have received a defective implant will experience a number of symptoms, such as pain, movement difficulties, reduced range of motion and numbness around the hip area. Complications such as closed fractures, leg asymmetry and paralysis can also occur if the symptoms are not managed immediately.

Basically, with non-DePuy hip implant failures, the risks are more or less the same. DePuy’s ASR systems might entail more hazards because of the substantially high failure rate, but you should be well-informed nevertheless. Other manufacturers like Zimmer also face hip recall lawsuits because they have also been known to produce malfunctioning hip implants.

With this, you might ask, “What am I going to do if start to experience symptoms of a failing non-DePuy hip implant?” If you are wondering about the validity of a lawsuit, you can still press charges even if your defective implant is manufactured by a company other than DePuy. However, what you should first do is to talk to your physician. Details about your hip replacement operation, including the nature and maker of your hip implants, can all be known. This will help you establish the details of your case.

The DePuy hip recall mirrors all other negligent manufacturers of flawed health care devices. If you have just recently learned of this issue, then you might as well keep track of pertinent news and updates, including the legal options that are made available to you. As what the famous saying goes, ‘ignorance of the law excuses no one’. Speak to a hip recall lawyer now.



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