In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration released a report last October 2010 concerning DePuy Orthopaedics with the issue of manufacturing defective metal-on-metal hip replacements. The FDA report explains the scope of the DePuy hip recall on its metal hip implants. The ASL XL Acetabular System and the ASL Hip Resurfacing System are the subjects of close scrutiny now. The FDA report divides the defective hip implants into two series, namely the ASR 100 and the ASR 300. The ASR 100 series involves 15 models created for hip cup diameters from 44mm to 70mm, while the ASR 300 series specifies the remaining 14 models with the same range of diameters.

According to the FDA, DePuy is still evaluating data from registries, published news and literature, clinical tests and research reports. These make up the entirety of the post-market surveillance of the company. They also received new findings from tests indicating that the ASR XL Monoblock Metal-on-Metal (MoM) was correlated with a higher tendency of revision surgeries. Studies also reveal that the ASR devices have a 12% failure rate. DePuy then sent out a Field Safety Notice to surgeons, reiterating the need to position the implant correctly to achieve optimum functionality.

The report also explains that MoM monoblock cups, and their consequent loosening, cause infection, inflammation, pain, fracture, metal sensitivity and many more complications for the recipients. However, metallosis, which is probably the most dangerous complication, was not mentioned. This is described as the increased cobalt and chromium levels in the blood at toxic levels, enough to predispose the patient to serious and irreversible heart problems and nervous system damage.

In response to the DePuy hip recall, the FDA might have acted a bit late. Nevertheless, it is not too late for you to act on your own cause. You deserve to claim compensatory damages from a defective ASR device. Hire a hip recall lawyer so you can be helped out in filing a lawsuit against the company.



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