93,000 people have purchased hip implants from DePuy Orthopaedics, namely the ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System. The victims have all felt the symptoms of a malfunctioning implant—extreme pain, localized weakness, tissue swelling, metal sensitivity, and many more. All these prompted the victims to file a lawsuit against DePuy. With product liability cases, medical practitioners, such as physicians, are normally left out. However, a doctor is now facing charges for co-developing the recalled hip implants from DePuy.

Recently, a hip replacement patient pressed charges against his surgeon, Dr. Thomas Schmalzried, a Southern California-based orthopedist who made contributions in the production of ASR devices. Months before, it was revealed that the hip implants have a 13% chance of failing, so that 1 in every 8 DePuy implant recipients will get affected. This statistical figure necessitates the need for a second hip replacement, or the so-called revision surgery, where the patient goes under the knife once again to take out the defective device. As if this is not the worst thing that could happen—the truth is, not all revision surgeries are 100% successful, so there might be a possibility that some patients may have to undergo a third hip replacement procedure. In as much as DePuy was aware of the defects of their ASR devices, Dr. Schmalzried may have known the same thing as well. What makes the case a very strong one against the surgeon is due to the fact that he did not disclose to his patient his affiliation with DePuy. To add more disbelief to the issue, the doctor received millions of royalty amounts from the company at an estimated $10 million.

Not even doctors can be trusted with the DePuy recall, but there are still a lot of credible ones out there. Your priority, after all, she be your health. After that, you should think about filing a case against DePuy. Ask your hip recall lawyer about it.



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