After talks that the United States is planning to establish its own registry, it has finally become a reality. In fact, implant registries in the United Kingdom and Australia were quite effective in noticing the increasing incidence of revision surgeries among DePuy implant recipients.

The National Hip Recall Registry has just been established. Although it is not manned by any hip manufacturer or government agency, its objectives include: the creation of a database by patients and hip manufacturers; the provision of automated means to inform patients product recalls or warnings released by manufacturers and the FDA, respectively; the gathering of anonymous statistics of complications resulting from a particular hip prosthesis; and the provision of automated means to update hip surgery patients regarding issues related to a certain hip implant.

On one hand, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons is also the brains behind a privately funded program named the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR). This is a pilot program to track the basic medical data of recipients in 15 different hospitals. These details will serve hip manufacturers and doctors. On the other hand, the newly established National Hip Recall Registry is operated to serve patients—minus the bias of surgeons and hip implant manufacturers.

With all the furious DePuy hip implant recipients around the world, the creation of the National Hip Recall Registry is, at least, a positive action with regards to the issues surrounding the DePuy hip recall. Hip replacement surgeries with defective implants, not to mention the thousands of lawsuits filed, can finally be controlled without compromising the privacy of thousands of patients. If you are a recipient of any hip implant, then you are advised to register now. If you are a victim of a defective DePuy hip implant, then you should press charges against DePuy to claim compensation.

Credits to: Creation of the National Hip Recall Registry. Depuy Hip Replacement Patients Urged to Register



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