Suffering from a major hip disorder is not the usual challenge you face every day, like catching a cold or getting back pains. Without a normal hip, you cannot possibly go through your daily routine smoothly. The only way to treat this kind of ailment is to undergo a hip replacement surgery, after your doctor says so, of course. This kind of operation involves the invasive technique of installing a metal-on-metal hip implant to replace your damaged joint. Think about how important that metal device is, how a significant part of your life, and well-being, depends on it...

DePuy Orthopaedics is an international manufacturer of a few models of hip implants. Being a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, people will most likely trust this company for top-of-the-line quality products. Hip implants should withstand 15 years of usage, and within this time frame, their therapeutic effects are highly expected. For DePuy hip implants, however, do not let your hopes fly that high. It appears that the 13% failure rate of their implants breaks this 15-year feat.They can only serve their purpose for five years, and even less. Their implants perform so poorly that it is not even worth considering them as an option. What kind of absurdity is this?

Dr. Thomas P. Sculco, a surgeon from the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, has stated his utter disdain in DePuy’s lack of responsibility and professionalism in manufacturing such defective implants. He notes that patients at 50 years of age who are indicated for a hip replacement surgery hope for a successful post-operative state, in both short-term and long-term states. Patients, after all, expect a successful outcome following any kind of elective surgery, especially if they have painstakingly invested thousands of dollars for such operation, not to mention the effort and time that was shed. DePuy’s negligence apparently betrayed the trust of thousands of loyal patrons, which may be the reason why their sales have only increased in a slight percentage this year.

Now, the victims of the DePuy hip recall are clamoring for justice and fair compensation from all the damages that they have went through. DePuy ought to take this seriously, to avoid more lawsuits filed against them. The whole world is in tune, and everybody will keep an eye out for the verdict.

Source: The Numbers Are Quite Good—Except for DePuy Hip Replacement


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