Continuous updates are constantly being given to those interested in finding out more about the DePuy hip replacement recall which was announced in the summer of 2010. Those who have been affected filed for lawsuits claiming damages and seeking to be compensated for both monetary and non-monetary losses. It was clear that DePuy should be held liable for its apparent negligence to offer its consumers a safe and durable hip replacement device.

Alarmingly, there recent news from a Bloomberg article which revealed that the hip implants, ASR XL Acetabular System and ASR Hip Resurfacing System were far more dangerous than what was previously thought by experts and the people. The source of this update was provided, yet again, by a foreign organization. According to the British Orthopaedic Association and the British Hip Society, “Data on the ASR XL Acetabular System from four surgeons show the rate of second operations, or revisions, ranges from 21 percent after four years to 49 percent after six years.” That means that in six years, almost half of all recipients would require a second hip replacement surgery to correct the damage DePuy's ASRs inflicted.

The acting chairperson of this organization further added that, “About 10,000 of the hips were implanted in the U.K., including 5,000 or so resurfacing devices and 5,000 of the ASR XL prostheses, also known as total-hip replacements.” In the 93,000 hip replacements sold worldwide, a whopping 46,500 of them would fail within six years.

Short of actively disallowing patients to use metal-on-metal implants, British organizations had this to say, “Based on the results presented, the use of large diameter metal-on-metal bearings in primary total hip replacement should be carefully considered and possibly avoided.” These are all conclusive findings from sources who specialize in orthopedic practices and devices.

Filing a hip replacement lawsuit immediately is crucial to the success of your case. Your hip lawyer would look into and assess your situation establishing a strong argument against the company. As the DePuy's implants' harm increase as studies are being made, you should equip yourself with information about the ongoing litigation by checking out the DePuy hip replacement recall website. 



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