DePuy Orthopedics, just this year of 2010, issued a product recall on their ASR system because of their high failure rats of about 13%, and the associated adverse effects that placed the patients at a very difficult disposition.

The DePuy hip recall has alarmed patients with arthritis, in particular, because hip replacement surgeries are effective remedies for degenerative hip conditions, such as osteoarthritis, which is a condition that affects elderly women more than men. A hip replacement operation generally has a good prognosis, but it depends entirely on the overall functionality of the hip implant, which takes the responsibility left by a damaged hip joint. Obviously, if there is something with the implant itself, the hip replacement is a total waste of time and money.

Examples of the problems associated with the defective implants are pain, movement difficulties, metal sensitivity, headache, tissue swelling and bone fractures. Because the implant is technically a foreign object, infection may also occur, resulting in fever and other signs of inflammation. The metal debris released from the implants travels into the blood stream, causing nervous system damage. In severe cases, permanent disability may occur if neglected for too long. The risks are even higher for those with arthritic conditions.

Before anything worse happens, you ought to consult an orthopedist, possibly a different one, just to get a second medical opinion. Right after that, consult your hip recall lawyer for your legal options about your situation.

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